How I Found a Roundtrip Flight to Japan for Under $800 USD

How I Found a Roundtrip Flight to Japan for Under $800 USD

I did it!

I’m going to Japan, baby! After months of saving, I finally booked my flight to Japan last night. I love finding a good deal on international flights, and I am happy to announce that it was much cheaper than I was expecting.

Sunny Japan

Here is how I found my flight to Japan:

I’ve been at my parents for the last couple of days with only my phone for access to the internet. So after researching the best flight trackers, I downloaded a couple of apps from the Google Play Store. From my experience, I don’t really bother checking sites like Kayak and Orbitz. They don’t show a lot of international airlines, which generally are cheaper. I did do a quick check and the averages were much higher than the apps mentioned below.

  1. Skyscanner
  2. Skipplagged
  3. Cheap Flights
  4. Momondo

Airplane Wing

Arrival and departure:

The closest airport to me is Spokane, but I decided to fly from Seattle because it saved me almost $300. I can find much cheaper transportation to Seattle via Southwest Airlines, bus, train, etc. That is something I can deal with later. In fact, it’s more expensive to pay for that leg of the trip right now. When I was playing around with the above apps the last week, I made sure to pay attention to the layovers. A lot of flights directed to Los Angeles or Vancouver, so I also checked flights from those locations to Tokyo. It ended up not making a significant difference in price, so for ease, I stuck with flying out of Seattle.

Idaho Map
I live in that state that looks like a sideways gun. At the very, very top. I pretty much live in Canada.

Time of year:

I recently asked my friends if they would rather have me come earlier and stay a shorter amount of time or come later and stay longer. Thank god they said ‘come later and stay longer’. That is exactly what I was hoping for. I decided that June was the optimal time for me to leave; it gives me enough time to save properly. I also decided that I wanted to stay as long as legally possible. As an American, I can stay for up to 90days without having to apply for a visa (sounds good to me!) My birthday is July 23rd, and my best friend’s birthday is August 25th, so… GUESS WHO ARE GONNA PARTY IN JAPAN FOR THEIR BIRTHDAYS!

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A review of the apps:

  1. Skyscanner
    • June 13- September 10 = $ 715 – Average of 26 hours of travel each way through Singapore Airlines and Alaska Airlines
  2.  Skiplagged
    • June 9- September 1 = $ 1,240 – Average of 18 hours of travel each way through Air Canada
  3. Cheap Flights
    • June 20- September 12 = $ 873 – Average of 20 hours of travel each way through Air Canada
  4. Momondo
    • June 20- September 12 = $ 754 – Average of 16 hours of travel each way through Singapore Airlines and Alaska Airlines

Final choice for my flight to Japan:

I chose to go with the flight on Momondo because it had the shortest average travel time while being one of the cheapest options. Paying $40 extra dollars to not have a 12-hour layover is something I am very okay with doing – Last October, I had a 12-hour overnight layover in Dublin. I swear they make the booths extra short so you can’t fall asleep. 

The view from my bed in the Dublin Airport

That’s it:

I can’t believe it. Buying the plane ticket always solidifies the feeling if an impending trip. It’s an actuality, rather than a vague plan in the distant future. This is also going to be my longest trip ever: 11 weeks in one country. I’m not used to staying in one place for so long but I am so excited by the prospect. It’s going to be so rad getting to experience a culture so very different from mine for such a long period of time.

Let’s chat:

Thanks for reading! I would love to hear about your travel plans and tips. Where is everyone planning on traveling to? Are there any other apps or websites that I didn’t mention above but should? Does anyone want to meet up while I am traveling around Japan? How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

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Kyenna Pepper



7 thoughts on “How I Found a Roundtrip Flight to Japan for Under $800 USD

  1. Japan is next on my list and you’ve just made is sounds so easy to travel there when on a budget. Thanks so much for sharing. It’s such a helpful post.

    1. Author
      Kyennapepper Reply

      I’m really excited to go. I’ve wanted to go for years and years. My interest was piqued when I took a couple of Japanese history classes in college. I’m so glad my information was helpful to you! That makes me so happy 🙂

  2. They are really some good travel apps. They are boon to make budget travels possible. Japan is my dream destinations, I will follow your footsteps. Let me see if I can get some such good deals.

    1. Author
      Kyennapepper Reply

      Let me know if you find some cheap airfare! Happy Travels! 🙂

  3. That’s Awesome! I’ve never heard of Momondo. These days for our long haul flights we try to stick to Delta every time so we can rack up the points rather than doing a piece meal of flights and airlines everywhere but sometimes it’s pretty exciting to get that awesome deal. What will you see in Japan?

    1. Author
      Kyennapepper Reply

      I’ve only recently found out about Momondo, and it’s great! Since I am flying from Seattle to Japan, I don’t really have to piece my flights together. I only have one layover. Thank goodness!

      I’m staying with some friends in a couple of different places. Tokyo/Ehime. I am currently working on a feasible bucket list for my time in Japan. Since I am going to be there during climbing season, I want to hike Mt. Fuji!

      Where are you off to next?

  4. Japan is my dream destinationas well!! Currently I’m focussing more on visiting Scandinavian countries as it has been on the bucketlist for wat too long. All the apps you mentioned are great options for international travels. Enjoy your time in Japan, looking forward to read about your experience there :).

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