Welcome to Pepper’s Passport Travels! Thank you so much for taking an interest and checking out my “About Me” page. This blog is my attempt to give valuable insights, sometimes with a historical perspective, about traveling and life in general.


Me enjoying Perast, Montenegro


Let’s start with the basics; My name is Kyenna. For most people, the pronunciation of my name is tricky, if not unfathomable- but don’t worry, I’ll make it easy. I should start with a story first. It begins in the early 90’s and with one father’s undying love for spicy foods. My dad wasn’t a big cook but when he did cook, he put cayenne pepper on everything. Both of my parents are self-described hippies and thought this was a beautiful sounding name for their soon-to-be-born daughter. Add an “uh” sound to the end of cayenne and you have my name.


My namesake


The story continues, though. Two years later, I have a beautiful little sister named… Sage. My parents thought it was hilarious, especially since it was the mid 90’s by the time my sister was born. Does everyone remember the Spice Girls? I can’t forget them. The whole world made sure of that.


Spice Girls
Also my namesake?


I was born and raised in one of the most rural parts of the United States: North Idaho. I lived in a town of 35,000 people until I was 8, and then I moved to somewhere smaller, much smaller- if that is even possible. The place I moved to had a population of just over 600, to make it even smaller, we lived on the outskirts of the town. We didn’t have neighbors. It was just us, the mountains, forests, and lakes. Paradise.


Enjoying the winter wonderland on Christmas Eve


But man, paradise can be boring. Good thing I am an introvert. I quickly figured out that the best way to distract yourself was reading. I read so much. On a good day, I could finish a couple of books. On a bad day, I still got a few chapters in. What I learned from reading piqued my interest in the world around me. It didn’t all have to be fiction, it could be real-life stuff too. I needed to see with my own eyes, the places I was reading about.

My first trip out of the country consisted of a multi-city plane ticket for Western Europe, a best friend, and a backpack. The plans besides that were pretty vague. My second international trip was a quick jaunt to Canada. My third and most recent trip was a graduation present from my aunt and uncle; we spent four weeks cruising the Mediterranean. I currently have a plan in the works for a month long trip to Japan this summer/early fall to see three of my best friends. They are all teaching English for a couple of programs.


My most recent trip was like a fairytale